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 If you are reading this article then definitely you are worried about your toddler in this lockdown period. All the parents are worried about this situation. It is more difficult for everyone to cope up with the situation both physically and mentally, because of the spread of coronavirus we are all in lockdown. It is difficult to maintain our lifestyles as per our wish and more difficult for parents to take care of their toddler as well.

At first it is more important to take every precaution before going outside the house and after coming from outside to the house.

Here, are the precaution that every parents as well as everyone should follow:

  1. Wash your hands often / sanitize your hands.
  2. Wear a mask properly when visiting outside.
  3. Make a 6 feet distance while talking to others.
  4. Don’t visit crowded places.
  5. Don’t invite any guests or don’t visit anyone’s house

Because it is more important for parents to be alerted because viruses may affect you as well as your child.

 These are the precautions that have to be taken by every parent but it is difficult to sit in one place for you as well as your little ones. So you can do many activities with your toddlers which can help you to bond with your little ones and it will be easy for you also to cope up in this situation.

Among them these are the best activities that you can do with your toddler in these lockdown period

Make a routine

It is very difficult to tackle the situation during lockdown or quarantine for both parents as well as children. So, make a daily routine with your child on how to spend a day. For example, you can classify your routine as morning routine, daily routine, and night routine. This will help you to spend the time easily.

Make a meal together

Making a meal is a daily task that we do in our life, so engage your toddler to prepare a meal. Show them the vegetables, grains and tell the names which will increase the memory as well they will know how the meal is cooked.

Read books 

Reading is the best way to keep your mind refreshed, so read books with your toddlers. You can read children ‘s books with many pictures and colors that help them engage in reading books. You can make a story from a picture as well. I am sure your toddler will definitely love it.

Paint together

painting toddler activities

Painting is an interesting activity for a toddler they love to paint with different colors. So painting with them showing the colors will increase their knowledge as well it will be easy for you to spend time as well as handling your them.

Sing together

Music is also another activity that a toddler loves so, sing with them. Sing their best rhymes that they love, which help you handle your fussy toddler as well as it will be easy for you to spend time.

Dance together

Dancing helps to take out the stress and it is a physical activity that helps to keep fit and healthy for you and your toddler. Toddler loves to dance in their favorite music so dance together and spend quality time.

Write something

heater for babies

Holding a pen and writing something is another interesting activity for toddlers but don’t force them to write. Leave them on their own which will keep them engaged.


heater for babies

If you have a small or big garden, take them to the garden and teach them about plants. Toddler loves to explore though it’s not the right time to go outside you can take your children to your small garden or backyard.

Play with them

Playing with toys will keep the toddler engaged. You can discover new games as well such as hide and seek, building legos, playing with cars and toys. Playing is also a physical activity for your toddlers.

It will be more difficult if you are working from home and handling your toddlers. So make a routine with your partner which will be quite helpful for you to manage this stressful life in this situation. So, let’s not lose the hope we will pass out this crisis altogether. So stay home, stay safe with your little ones.

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