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4 stages of baby development milestones: 0 to 12 months

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  • 21 Feb 2022

Baby development is the most concerning thing for a new parent. The first 1000 days of a baby, including 9 months in the mother’s womb and the first 2 years, is very important because about 80%of the brain is developed. So many new moms and dads wonder if their baby’s development is on target or not but rather than focusing on the development stage, it is important for you to remember that babies develop at their own pace.

Some babies cross their milestones fast as some cross their milestones late so don’t worry much and focus on your parenthood.

The following development milestones are just guidelines. Always expect your baby to grow at its own pace. But if you find anything unusual then consult with your pediatrician. If your baby is born prematurely then the guidelines may not work. You have to look at your baby differently.

Keeping things in mind that all babies are different here are the guidelines for baby development milestones:

Baby development: one to three months

baby development

When your baby is born your baby could not see properly but at the end of the month your baby can

  • Focus on object 8 to 12 inches away
  • Hearing capacity will increase 
  • Make a few arm movements
  • Make reaction to light and dark
  • Can recognize mother voice
  • Can move the head from side to side

 At the end of 3 months, your baby can

  • Raise their head and chest when on their tummy
  • Can grab the object 
  • Stretch legs and can kick while lying back
  • Can response to parents voice
  • Bring hands to mouth 
  • Track objects movement with their eyes
  • Enjoy playing with other people
  • Recognize familiar person and object from a distance
  • Begin to take out the sound to imitate
  • Smile at the voice of parents

Baby development: four to six months

baby development 6 months

During this stage, your baby is learning the outside world everything is new to them and they are exploring every new thing. So, at the end of six months your baby can:

  • Can roll over both sides from back to front and front to back especially back to front.
  • Laugh
  • sit-up with head control
  • Babble the sound like a real sound (Baba).
  • Explore the things with hand and mouth.
  • Reach out for the object and grab the object.
  • Can recognize the tone of voice(either you are talking loud or soft)
  • Make interest in mirror images
  • Can transfer objects from one hand to another.

Baby development: seven to nine months

baby development 9 months

During this stage your baby has crossed a half year, exploring new things is in process. at the end of nine months your baby can:

  • Start to crawl 
  • Sit-up without any support
  • Can respond to their names
  • Enjoy playing peek-a-boo.
  • Can clap and enjoy the music
  • Pull self-up to stand

Baby development: 10 to 12 months

baby development 12 months

In this stage, your baby isn’t an infant anymore they turn into a toddler. But they are exploring many new things. At the end of 12 months your baby can:

  • Walk holding furniture or some can walk a few steps without any support.
  • Take interest in playing with toys.
  • Can make simple body gestures such as waving hands, clapping.
  • Some babies can dance by using their hands.
  • They can point to objects they need.
  • They can make sounds such as ma-ma and ba-ba.
  • Get into hand and knees position.

These are the guidelines to track your baby's development but the baby varies from one another. Some may pass the milestones fast but some may take time.

Baby development: when to concern

Your baby might reach some milestone pass and can delay some time but if you think there is something unusual then you have to consult with your pediatrician. You have to consult with your baby’s doctor if:

  • Your baby hasn’t shown any improvement in head control at the end of 3 months.
  • Does Not respond to loud noise.
  • Don’t grasp or hold objects.

But remember every baby is different but your concern is also important. So take your baby to the doctor if the problem is recognized earlier it can be treated.

These are the development milestone of your baby. As your baby passes the milestones your milestone starts. Always remember as your baby is growing your responsibility is also increasing. There is no shortcut way for parenting but don’t panic to enjoy your parenthood and always be careful with the safety of your little one. 

  • When your baby can roll over don’t leave them in high places such as bed or sofa.
  • When your baby starts to crawl make sure about the electric circuits and sharp edges of the table which may hurt your baby’s head.
  • Don’t keep the medicines or any things which are poisonous to baby because they are exploring new things and putting every new thing in their mouth.

Always use safety precautions and explore new things with your little ones. Becoming a parent is learning a new phase of your life as well. So be happy and enjoy your parenting journey.

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