Baby shower meaning in Nepali and best gift ideas in Nepal

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  • 28 Feb 2022

A baby shower is a party that is celebrated for the welcome of newborns. The baby shower meaning in Nepali is (Dahi- chiura). It is celebrated during the 9-months of pregnancy which means the last trimester of pregnancy. In Nepalese society, Dahi( curd) is taken as good luck for every ritual. For the safe delivery of a new one and mother, Dahi-chiura is celebrated as good luck and blessings as well.

Most of us think about what is the baby shower meaning in Nepali or how to describe the baby shower in Nepali. As I already said the meaning of a baby shower in Nepali is Dahi-chiura .Dahi chiura for a pregnant one is given as a blessing for the safe delivery of a new one.

Basically, a baby shower is a party held to welcome the upcoming birth of a new child. Additionally, it's a method for loved ones to assist the new parents in purchasing whatever they require. Since babies require so many things, the list might get rather expensive!

The mother-to-be is given gifts and blessings from the elders for the safe delivery of a new one. All the meals are cooked according to the preference of the mother-to-be. Many cultures celebrate baby showers in their own way but nowadays parents want to celebrate and welcome their parenting life in a memorable way.

Recently most celebrities or other people also celebrate baby showers in modern ways. Still, in most places, a baby shower in Nepal is celebrated at home by the families of expecting mothers. Nepali baby shower is celebrated by putting tika to expecting mother and father as well. After putting tika the meals are served to the mother-to-be along with curd (Dahi ). There is a saying in Nepal as well if the mother is not satisfied with the desired meal then the baby will come late than the due date. So, eat well to hold your new one to get faster. Just joking but you must eat well to get strength for the safe delivery.

Your shower will typically be hosted by a close friend or member of your family, but it can also be hosted by coworkers or another close acquaintance.

Even though every baby shower is different, the host usually handles the planning so you can relax and take it all in.

The exact baby shower meaning in nepali and when should a baby shower be held?

When you should have a baby shower is not something that is set in stone. The majority of baby showers are held four to six weeks prior to delivery. In this manner, visitors can select gifts and decorations with the baby's gender in mind.

Due to the fact that the risk of miscarriage declines with each passing week, many mothers choose to have their baby showers later in their pregnancies. It also implies that you'll be able to see more clearly what you still want and how your loved ones might be able to assist you.

Along with a blessing, there are many gift ideas that can be given in a baby shower which can be useful to the baby care as well as a mother-to-be. Here are some best gift ideas:

Diaper bags for mom

diaper bag in baby shower meaning in nepali

A diaper bag is a perfect gift for a mother-to-be that can be given in a baby shower. After having a baby diaper bag is useful to keep all the essentials of the baby while traveling. It comes with adjustable double shoulder straps and double top handles with multiple pockets.

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Maternity nursing bra

nursing bra gift for baby shower

A maternity nursing bra is an easy and comfortable undergarment for a new mom. It can be easily opened to the breasts without having to remove the entire bra because It has cups with flaps or panels.

Monthly milestone blanket

Nowadays parents want to capture every moment and milestone of their little ones so a monthly milestone blanket will be the best gift in a baby shower. A monthly milestone blanket makes it easy to get photos to show a baby’s growth every month.

Babies outfits

baby outfit gifts for baby shower

Sweet and cute baby outfits like rompers and a hat with a pair of socks are the perfect gift. Nowadays whole baby outfit is found in the market.

Baby bathing kits

Baby bathing kits are essential things after having a baby. There are many baby-friendly bathing products you can gift to a mother-to-be.

Nursing pillow

nursing pillow

The nursing pillow helps new moms while breastfeeding. New moms, while breastfeeding can get shoulder pain and back pain as well so the nursing pillow can help in the position of breastfeeding and it gives the right height for feeding, which can help the baby in latching.

In the end, these are the baby shower meaning in nepali, it's the best time to celebrate and enjoy the moment for parents to be and the gifts that can be given in a baby shower.

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