Cough and cold during pregnancy-6 effective home remedies

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  • 16 Feb 2022

Cough and cold during pregnancy is the most concerning thing. Due to the seasonal change or pollution, everyone can get the cold but it is more concerning for pregnant women because you have to be very careful with the medication you take. Also, during pregnancy, your immune system is also weak which leads you to catch various infections.

Catching a cold doesn’t affect your baby but you cannot take the medicine without the prescription of your doctor.

Here are the symptoms of cough and cold during pregnancy: -

  1. Sneezing
  2. Runny nose
  3. A cough that may continue for a week
  4. Low-grade fever
  5. Mild fatigue
  6. Sore throat

Causes of cold and cough during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you have a weak immune system so you have to be more careful than others. Cold can spread from one person to another which is caused by a virus called rhinovirus. Weather change, pollution, or infected person can be the cause of cold and cough.

Taking medications during pregnancy is harmful to the baby so you can choose some effective home remedies as an option. There are no side effects in home remedies that can help you tackle the situation without affecting you and your growing baby.

Here are the best home remedies to cure cough and cold during pregnancy:

Take plenty of rest

 Rest is the best way to regenerate the energy and give time to your body to fight against the virus. It is more important to take plenty of rest during pregnancy and the cold makes you feel more fatigued so take plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep to regain the energy.

Ginger and garlic

home remedies during cough and cold during pregnancy

 Ginger and garlic are easy home remedies that are found in every kitchen. ginger and garlic help in improving blood circulation which helps fight against bacteria and viruses. You can make ginger tea and have it with lemon and honey.

Stay well hydrated

Taking warm drinks helps you to soothe cough and cold. Runny nose sneezes, and fever leads your body to lose fluids so it is necessary to take plenty of is necessary to be hydrated during pregnancy and it is more necessary in cough and cold. So take plenty of fluids such as warm beverages, fresh fruit juice, and water to stay hydrated.

Gargle and take steam

Gargling with warm salt water helps to soothe a sore throat and helps to remove the mucus from the throat which reduces the pain in the throat. Taking a stem helps you to relieve the congestion in your chest and throats caused by cough and cold. take hot boiling water in a bowl and cover yourself with a towel or blanket and inhale the steam or you can use a steamer as well. You can put eucalyptus oil while taking a stem, it is the best oil that can help you in curing cough and cold.

Honey and lemon

home remedies during cough and cold during pregnancy

Lemon is the source of vitamin C which helps to strengthen the immune system and honey can soothe your sore throat. So the combination of honey and lemon helps you to get rid of cold and cough during pregnancy. Take one glass of warm water put one tablespoon of lemon juice and honey and drink it up. It helps you to keep hydrated as well and helps you to relieve from cold and cough.

Hot chicken soup

 It is more important to take proper nutrition during pregnancy. So hot chicken soup is the source of nutrients as well and it has anti-inflammatory properties. A hot bowl of chicken soup helps you to fight against cold and cough and it will give you nutrients as well as energy.

These are the remedies that help you to fight against cough and cold during pregnancy. You can use vapor rub in your chest as well to get relief from congestion.

Prevention from cough and cold in pregnancy

Prevention is better than cure so you should be very careful.  Avoid anyone who is infected, wash your hands regularly, or sanitize your hands. Eat a healthy diet that improves your immune system. Take vitamin C supplements and drink herbal tea, avoid food that causes congestion.

Call your doctor if:

  1. If you have a fever over 100 degrees.
  2. Your cold and cough last longer than 10-14 days.
  3. If you have a cough with chest pain and coughing up greeny and yellowish mucus

It is best to visit your doctor if the above home remedies could not help you with cold and cough. Your doctor will prescribe a safe medicine to make you feel better but don’t take any medications without consulting your doctor.

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